Amorrortu is the result of a long graphical and publishing tradition that started in Bilbao in 1884, where Don Sebastián de Amorrortu was publishing and printing books and a newspaper called “el Bizkaitarra”.
In 1911, Don Sebastián moved to Argentina and kept on with his vocation of printer. His printings of medical books were famous for the attention he was giving to each text, each line and each type.

His sons, grandsons and great-grandsons maintained a link with paper, inks and fundamentally with the compromise of taking care of graphic products to the last chapter and verse.
With the 21st century, Amorrortu has got involved with environment and is investigating materials of ultimate generation that fit this commitment. Its long lasting relationship with DuPont de Nemours has provided substrates and technologies environmentally friendly.

Notice from the year 1947 from the Art Printing Works of Sebastián de Amorrortu & Sons

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